Half a year has passed since the inception of our social initiative “We Give People Wings!” We are grateful for the thank you notes and kind gestures from those of you who have experienced our care. There is without a doubt that the team has made a positive and significant difference in the lives of Singaporeans from the feedback that we have received. The infographic above provides a bird’s eye view of the progress that has been accomplished over the past 6 months.




– Responsive team members.
– Gentle, patient and competent dentist.
– Pleasant environment.
– Convenient location that is easily accessible via public transport.
– Ease of making appointments.
– Affordability.




Caring for an aging population requires familial support, government aid and the participation of welfare organizations as well as private entities. One challenge that the team encountered is the lack of an appropriate mode of transportation or an accompanying person for patients with disabilities when trying to access care.

Another issue is the inadequate perfusion of information to the individuals who may benefit from such social initiatives. The cause for this issue is often multifactorial as it can be attributed to the hectic pace of city living, fear of scams or a simple lack of bandwidth and resources.

Fear of dental treatment due to past experiences can also colour a person’s decision to access and utilize care. Unfortunately, this often leads to complex conditions due to neglect that requires superhuman effort, patience and time to correct.

A significant number of patients expressed difficulty in coping with their healthcare cost and on occasions, have queried us on the reason for the seemingly disproportionate amount of subsidy available for advanced dental procedures such as root canal treatment, treatment of advanced gum disease and teeth replacement. The perceived lack of affordability often resulted in sub-optimal patient decisions regarding their care that predisposes them to further episodes of intervention at a later stage. Perhaps, the Ministry of Health and the CPF Board can take a deeper look into this concern during future reviews of the CHAS and Medisave schemes.

The sustainability of this effort hinges very much on the support and effort of the various grassroot and welfare organizations that we have had the opportunity to work with. We hope to continue this initiative for as long as possible and would like to invite you to be a part of this mission. We are happy to work with both public and private entities alike.