Digital impressions are today a possibility with state of the art digital technology. Compact handheld optical scanners allow dentists to capture high resolution 3D images of the patient’s teeth and gums. The captured images are subsequently collated to generate a virtual model that facilitates the design and manufacturing of durable and aesthetic ceramic dental restorations using computer aided design software and milling machines. Patients stand to benefit from digital impressions as it makes their dental visits more comfortable and efficient.


1) Digital impressions are predictable.


Dentists are able to view the impression as it is being recorded in real time, allowing them to consistently achieve a high degree of accuracy in less time. Dental crowns, bridges and inlays made using digital impressions have a very high degree of fit, making them more durable and reduce the need for remakes.


2) Same day ceramic restorations.


Patients looking for durable and natural looking crowns, veneers or inlays stand to benefit the most from this technology as it eliminates the need for multiple visits, allowing patients to quickly return to their usual routine.


3) Faster turnaround time.


Leveraging on cloud based solutions, dentists can now design and send the virtual models to their dental lab technicians via secured cloud servers, shortening the turnaround time needed for the fabrication of complex dental restorations.


4) Simply more comfortable.


Patients who gag easily will be relieved to know that digital impressions forgoes the use of traditional impression trays or materials. A relaxed patient is also of great help to the dentist who is focused on getting an accurate impression.


5) Dental visits are more interesting.


Patients are fascinated by the experience the design and milling experience of their dental restorations. This creates a great opportunity for them to learn and be excited about their own care.


6) Easy to store and retrieve.


Bits and bytes definitely take up less real estate and can be stored indefinitely as well as easily retrieved when needed.


7) Saves the world.


Reduced usage of silicon based dental impression materials, disposable trays and stone models keeps our environment green, preserving the planet for our children.