Enjoyment of food


Dental implants are great at keeping dentures firmly in place during normal chewing, enabling patients to eat their favourite food and resume a normal diet. Patients report greater enjoyment when eating as they can feel the normal texture, as well as, the temperature of the food that they are consuming.




Dental implants are anchored to the jaw bone just like a natural tooth. It is permanent and closely mimics the natural tooth’s ability to withstand biting forces. This relieves the underlying gums from pressure or discomfort during denture use.




Patients feel more confident about themselves as dental implants look and feel like a natural tooth during speech and when making facial expressions. They feel less conscious of the fact that they are using dentures, empowering them to resume their usual activities and react naturally during social as well as professional interactions.




Dentures supported by dental implants can be made to be either fixed or removable. Patients who choose to have fixed dentures need only to care for them like natural teeth, i.e. gentle brushing after meals and flossing nightly. Removable dentures that are supported by dental implants may be a good solution for elderly individuals who often find it easier to keep their dentures clean using direct vision. The high success rate of dental implant treatment have been very well documented over the last 30 years. Patients can look forward to getting many years of service from them as long as they are motivated to properly care for them. Good personal hygiene together with the use of high quality materials and an appropriate denture design also helps to eliminate bad breath cause by stuck food debris.


Preserves teeth and bone health


A dental implant is placed only in the gap where the lost tooth was previously located. Unlike a dental bridge which enlist adjacent teeth as support, a dental implant is totally supported by your jaw bone. The presence of a dental implant also preserves your jaw bone volume. Unlike traditional dentures, its long term use does not cause a gradual deterioration of the underlying bony ridges.