A recent report by the School Dental Service found that dental decay is on the rise among young children in Singapore, with at least one in two having dental caries at the age of seven. This is worrying because early loss of milk teeth can interfere with the development of permanent teeth, resulting in poor bites. Dental decay often spreads faster in young children due to milk teeth having a thinner layer of protective enamel and a diet rich in sugar.

Parents should consider starting their child on personal and professional dental care early in life. It is never too early to take care of teeth as cultivating good oral hygiene habits are always easier when we start young. The eruption of any new teeth into the mouth is a good excuse for a child’s visit to the dentist. It allows the child to familiarize with the dental team members that are caring for him/her. Young children benefit most from preventive care, such as professional fluoride treatment and dental sealants.

Link to article published in the Straits Times on 14th May 2014.