Conventional dental implant treatment often requires a bit of waiting time between the placement of the dental implant and issuance of the dental crown. This treatment protocol has indeed served many dental implant patients very well over the last 4 decades and its success has led to an increasing number people asking for shorter treatment times so that they can resume their usual lifestyle as soon as possible.

The good news is that Same Day Dental Implant treatment is already a reality for selected individuals. People who possess a good degree of bone volume and quality, in good health and free from an existing dental infection can now look forward to having literally new teeth in a day!

How is Same Day Dental Implant possible?

Same Day Dental Implant treatment is possible because dentists today have access to more than four decades of dental implant experience and research data. The criteria for predictable care and success are definitely better understood compared to when we first started. Dental implant design, surface treatment technology and the manufacture process of dental implants have also evolved to enhance the integration of dental implants to bone (osseointegration).

In a nutshell, Same Day Dental Implant treatment is a natural progression of what we have learnt and done over many, many years.

What are the benefits of Same Day Dental Implant treatment?

The main advantage of Same Day Dental Implant treatment is that patients can resume their normal appearance and function almost immediately. Patients feel more confident about themselves and is able to return to their normal lifestyle much faster.

Another benefit is that Same Day Dental Implant treatment eliminates the need for temporary dentures that are often needed in conventional dental implant treatment. When a person loses his or her teeth, one automatically feels embarrassed and it pushes the individual psychologically backwards when one has to wear a removable denture, even temporarily. That is why having the ability to regain new teeth in a day sounds so appealing to many individuals.

Are they any risks to Same Day Dental Implant treatment?

Same day dental implant treatment is more technique sensitive compared to conventional dental implant treatment. The success rates of same day dental implants are comparable to conventional dental implants in the hands of a qualified, well trained and skilled practitioner.

In conventional dental implant treatment, the dental implant is provided with a healing time of between 3 and 6 months after placement. This allows the bone to heal and mature around the dental implant before it is crowned.

Same Day Dental Implant treatment is based on the precept that bony healing around a dental implant can proceed as normal even if the implant is crowned on the same visit. The key to success lies in ensuring that the dental implant has a high degree of initial stability, is fully encased in good quality bone and free from infection immediately after placement. Great care is also taken to ensure that the implant crown is not exposed to excessive and heavy biting forces from normal function during the healing phase.

To provide you with greater peace of mind, our team of dentists and specialists will do a comprehensive visual and dental CT scan of the treatment area to help determine your suitability for Same Day Dental Implant treatment.