ClearBow is an aesthetic material used in the fabrication of orthodontic retainers. It comprises of a clear plastic strap that is engineered to provide patients with superior aesthetics, optimum tooth support and unparalleled durability.


The ClearBow retainer is a virtually transparent, allowing patients to wear their orthodontic retainers without feeling self-conscious.

Gentle on teeth and restorations

The material used to fabricate the clear bow is softer than conventional steel wires. It does not scratch natural tooth enamel or exisitng dental restorations, such as porcelain veneers and composite dental fillings.

Virtually resistant to stains

The clear material used in the fabrication of ClearBow does not stain when exposed repeatedly to natural colour pigments found in food and beverages.

Free from BPA

The health and safety of our orthodontic patient is of paramount importance to us. That is why ClearBow is manufactured using high quality food-grade materials free from Bisphenol A (BPA).

Designed to provide more support

The ClearBow is designed with an optimal width of 2.75 mm (.11″) and a concave anatomic shape to provide optimum tooth contact for superior retention, safeguarding the results of braces treatment for the longer term.

Virtually unbreakable

ClearBow retainers are engineered to better withstand the stress associated with repeated insertion and removal, providing you with many years of reliable use.

Made in Canada with high quality food grade materials from the US

ClearBow is proudly made in Canada with 2 food grade materials sourced only from the United States; polyethylene terephthalate and stainless steel grade 316. These materials are widely used for different applications in the dental, pharmaceutical, food and beverage industry.