Orthodontic treatment can take up to a few years to completely straighten teeth. While this is not an unreasonable amount of time when you consider the lifetime benefits of an attractive smile, many people have requested for their braces or Invisalign treatment to be completed faster.

Is faster orthodontic treatment possible?

The short answer is ‘yes’ and there is several methods to do so. Our practice offers 3 different ways to help teeth move faster.

1) Micro Vibration Therapy

Micro vibration therapy is a non-invasive and easy method to move teeth quickly. The treatment works by using patented dental devices to deliver gentle micro vibrations to the teeth and its surrounding bone.

Researchers have demonstrated that the daily use of micro vibration therapy for between 5 and 20 minutes can safely accelerate teeth movement during braces or Invisalign treatment. The reduction in treatment time observed was between one third and half of the usual treatment time.

Micro vibration devices are easy to use and users can continue to perform other activities at the same time, like reading, surfing the internet or watching TV. The devices are easy to assemble, comes with a travel pouch and can be plugged in to a computer to launch an app that helps you track your usage.

2) Micro Osteoperforation Treatment

Micro osteoperforation treatment is a minimally invasive procedure performed by orthodontists under local anaesthetic to speed up teeth movement in a targeted fashion.
Tiny perforations made into the supporting bone around a tooth to induce a localized inflammatory response that greatly speeds up tooth movement in the treated area. There is almost no downtime involved with its use and most patients can return to their usual routine the day after.

3) Decortication

Decortication is a surgical procedure that is performed before or during braces treatment to reduce treatment time and achieve better treatment stability in patients with challenging conditions.

It involves an out-patient procedure that is designed to soften the supporting bone of the dentition and induce a transient bone healing condition which favours faster teeth movement. This is possible because the supporting bone of the dentition has been made to be less dense than usual after the surgery.

Are there any risks?

The risk of accelerated orthodontic treatment depends on the method.

Micro vibration therapy carries no additional risks to orthodontic treatment due to its non-invasive nature.

Micro osteoperforation carries a very low risk of accidental injury to the roots of the teeth in people with thin gums or cortical bone.

Decortication of bone carries a moderate risk of accidental injury to the roots of the teeth as it is a more extensive surgical procedure, compared to other methods.

People who are on NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), steroid or bisphosphonate therapy are not suitable for invasive forms of accelerated orthodontic treatment. Likewise, those with a history of altered bone physiology due to previous episode of disease or radiotherapy should also be excluded.

What is the cost of faster orthodontic treatment?

The additional cost of accelerated orthodontic treatment starts from as little as $600. The actual cost will vary between patients as it is dependent on the method of choice as well as the complexity of your condition. .

Is ‘Accelerated Orthodontics’ right for you?

Accelerated orthodontics is most suitable for motivated adults with good oral health. The best way of speeding up braces treatment can however differ between different individuals depending on their lifestyle and condition.

Our MOH accredited orthodontist will advise you on your options, benefits, risks and additional cost on the day of your consultation and assist you throughout your journey.

If you’re excited about the possibility of speeding up your braces or Invisalign treatment, your next step is to see our MOH accredited orthodontist to learn more about how it would work for you.