We are happy to introduce the latest treatment solution provided by Align Technology. The introduction of Invisalign G6, which includes the launch of ClinCheck Pro with 3D Controls and the first premolar extraction solution make it possible for our team to take orthodontic teeth movement to an exciting new level of finesse and predictability.

ClinCheck Pro with 3D Controls provides our dentists with precise, real time control during treatment planning and simulation, ensuring our ability to deliver on what we set out to accomplish.

The Invisalign G6 first premolar extraction solution is engineered to improve clinical outcomes in patients who require first premolar extraction due to severe crowding or protrusion of teeth. This is achieve through a series of innovations, namely:

SmartForce – features designed to provide vertical control and root parallelism.

SmartStage – a treatment concept that optimises the progression of tooth movement.

SmartTrack – new material that provides gentle, constant force for efficient tooth movement.

Invisalign G6 Innovations

Features found in Invisalign G6


Other new features introduced with Invisalign G6 include,

  • An aligner design that offers more flexibility to facilitate the use of ancillaries such as elastics or power arms for additional precision when indicated.
  • A redesigned “artificial tooth” (used to mask the initial gap in patients requiring extractions) that adjusts in size during treatment for better aesthetics and control.