Today’s post is the second article of a series on common dental emergencies and remedies that you can use while waiting to see your dentist.

Isn’t it ironical that Murphy’s Law always seem to come into play whenever we are feeling overwhelmed? Working non-stop to rush for a fast approaching deadline at work or school, burning the midnight oil trying to cram for that dreaded exam and on top of that all, find that your gums are feeling particularly sore or uncomfortable when it was fine and dandy just a few days ago? You are not alone!

Stress is often a triggering factor for conditions that can cause gum discomfort. The most common conditions being gum inflammation around the area of the wisdom teeth and mouth ulcers. During this stressful period, a visit to the dentist is probably the last thing on your mind but fret not! There are actually simple methods and home-made remedies that can help tide you over.

If the cause of the gum discomfort is due to ulcers, one way to speed up its healing is to gargle with a warm salt mouthwash. Apart from being economical, the ingredients needed to prepare the mouthwash are usually readily available in your kitchen. All that’s needed are a mug of warm water and a teaspoon of salt. If the taste of the salt mouthwash is off putting for you or if you find that salt causes the ulcer to sting a little too much, substituting salt with bicarbonate works just as well. Not convinced? Need more help? Get to your nearest pharmacy, topically applied ulcer creams, sucking on zinc and vitamin C lozenges or antacid tablets will do the trick too.

Another common reason for gum discomfort is gum inflammation around the area of the wisdom teeth. The area of discomfort is usually located behind the last lower molar tooth and the affected gum will appear to be red, swollen as well as tender to bite on. Having your wisdom tooth pulled is probably way off your agenda when you still have got some unfinished business. A quick and simple way to relief the discomfort is to use dental floss to dislodge any food debris that is trapped in between your teeth and the surrounding area, as well as to rinse with a warm salt mouthwash. This actions, together with over the counter painkillers, will often provide sufficient relief until you can see your dentist for a more permanent solution.

Occasionally, food trap may give rise to gum tenderness. This happens when food is constantly being impacted into a tiny space between teeth or adjacent to dental fillings, braces or restorations that are starting to fail. Simple measures to dislodged the trap food using some dental floss or a small interdental brush will often provide immediate relieve until you see your dentist.